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    Management courses offer resources for both new and seasoned leaders to become more adept at developing employees, inspiring and guiding teams, managing change, and effectively influencing stakeholders across an organization.


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    Learning Ladder hosts expert accounting instructors who distill complex finance management concepts into approachable lessons. From accounting basics for personal money management, to valuation, modeling, and reporting for businesses, we have a course for you.


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    You will learn how to create and manage Word documents, organize information in tables, perform calculations on data, create graphs and charts, organize your email Inbox, and manage email automatically.Today, employers across many industries and fields expect candidates to have Microsoft Office skills, as it is the most universally utilized software Read more…


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    Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet program ideal for entering, calculating, and analyzing company data such as sales figures, sales tax or commissions. This course provides an extensive training in Microsoft Excel. In Level I students learn basic and some intermediate features of the program. In Level II students learn intermediate Read more…


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    This course provides basic, intermediate and some advanced word processing skills that enable a new user to create and edit documents. Microsoft Word allows documents such as letters, memos and reports.


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    This course aims to help people develop basic computing skills, including search for information; e-mail; social networking and much more. It is perfect for beginners and will help participants build confidence in using a computer.


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    To ensure meetings are productive and worth the expense involved, three ingredients are necessary: an assurance of closure, a strong chair or leader, and accurate minutes. After all if people can’t remember or agree on what actually occurred at the meeting, how can the group effectively achieve its objective? Whether Read more…


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    This course emphasizes advanced applied Business Writing genres, such as specialized letters and memorandums, electronic messages, proposals, analytical and fact-finding reports, and other essential forms of professional communication and research. In this modern world, Business Writing serves as a persuasive evidence of your competence, your personality, and your management style Read more…


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    This course is concerned with the study of integral office procedures, administrative principles, policies, and technological competencies governing the modern office environment. It is designed to provide trainees with the requisite competencies (knowledge, skills and attitudes) to perform tasks at the workplace as Administrative Assistants/Secretaries


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    This course provides an extensive training in the Administrative/Secretarial field. Students learn the pivotal role Administrative Assistants/Secretaries play in the business arena by becoming effective communicators, establishing healthy and meaningful business relationships, analyzing and evaluating tasks and duties assigned. Throughout this course, students will learn and study the rhetorical principles Read more…


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    This course helps participants to get over the fear of addressing an audience and learn how to make rapid and easy progress in learning to speak in public. Whether persuading colleagues, selling to a client or energizing a team, the power of presentation skills makes the difference between success and Read more…


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    An in-depth exploration of the abilities and qualities of a leader. This course seeks to guide current and potential leaders in maximizing their potential to lead effectively. Managers and supervisors will examine the roles and responsibilities of the Human Resource Manager, develop emotional intelligence and cultural literacy to strengthen leadership Read more…